A Survival Guide to Ghosting

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Ghosting—when someone gives you the silent treatment without explanation— is everywhere. And guess what? We've all been ghosted and we've all probably done it! Written for the person being ghosted AND to help you not be that person who ghosts, this guide does not only go through the fundamentals of ghosting. It also contains a set of template messages to use instead of ghosting and quite unconventionally reveals the one and only situation where, well... You should ghost!

Includes a promo code to join LVRSNFRNDS for free

What is ghosting
and what we can do

10 signs you're at risk
a quick list just in case

8 reasons why
you just got ghosted

5 tips to deal with it
before and after it happens

7 message templates
to send instead of ghosting

When it's OK to ghost
because you should know

What you should do now
that you've got the basics covered

from us to you


Hey, my name is Sophie Mona Pagès (she/they). I am the founder of LVRSNFRNDS, a community app where people share personal stuff and make friends. I'm also a relationship expert quoted in publications like Cosmopolitan and Bustle (and a reiki practitioner who doesn't take themself too seriously).

As a French-Moroccan born in Morocco, growing up in France, I started being curious about identity and relationships very early. I am a queer person of color with an invisible disability, a survivor, white, able and hetero passing. Who I am and how I pass provide me with a unique kind of privilege I strive to leverage every day.

I want to make the world a better place for people who feel different—like me and in other ways, and those who love them. This is where LVRSNFRNDS comes from and I hope that you'll love this ebook I made with the help of our community members. If you want to join us, inside, you'll find a promo code to unlock your first month free.

  • Click "I want this!" to keep ghosting on check and find dating bliss.

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  • Click "I want this!" to keep ghosting on check and find dating bliss.
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A Survival Guide to Ghosting

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